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About Lucid Lumiere

Hey, let’s e-meet Lucid Lumiere, the guy behind all the content, visuals, ideas and everything of All-in Gardening, which is dedicated for indoor botanic works. Should you have any questions or ideas to share, just shoot me a line using the button below:


Welcome to All-in Gardening! My name is Lucid Lumiere, or LL as my wife calls me, and I am a Horticulturist. I will share the best helpful resources to help you grow houseplants, flowers, and vegetables in your lovely home.

I started All-in Gardening because I wanted to bring the joy of gardening to everyone, regardless of space constraints.

I believe that everyone deserves to experience the therapeutic benefits of plants, and that indoor gardens can be just as beautiful and bountiful as outdoor ones.

I am passionate about helping people create their own little oases, and we love nothing more than seeing the happiness that plants can bring.

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